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English Language

English Language

Our courses are designed to help students to learn and improve in all areas of English Language.  Our highly qualified teachers will guide your learning using a variety of methods ensuring you have every opportunity to reach your potential.  Admissions staff will be more than happy to help you with your choice of course and the application process.


English for University Study

The English for University Study route is designed for students who are wishing to study at undergraduate or postgraduate level or carry out research at a UK University.

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English for Personal and Professional Study

The English for Personal and Professional Study route is aimed at students from a range of backgrounds who wish to develop their language skills in order to enhance their career prospects or who simply wish to improve their proficiency to allow them to communicate more effectively in English.

Pre-sessional student

Pre-sessional Courses

Our Pre-sessional courses are open to international students going on to study undergraduate/postgraduate courses at the University of Manchester.


English Summer Programme

The English Summer Programme is ideally suited to overseas university students or anyone who wishes to visit the North of England, improve their English language proficiency and have the opportunity to meet other students from around the world. The course is supplemented by a lively evening and weekend social programme.


Academic Support

Find out more about proficiency testing, insessional courses, tutorials, bespoke provision and much more!

English UK

English UK

The ULC is a member of English UK and English UK North