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LEAP - Language Experience for All Programme

Academic year 2014/15

Information for members of staff

The digested information: Courses are open to members of staff; cost if £330 per course unit. Courses start last week in September and last 23 weeks until May the following year. Some courses are only one semester (£165). Continue reading for more detailed information.




What is LEAP?

LEAP - Language Experience for All Programme - is the name of the University-Wide Languages Programme provided by the University Language Centre and which aims to offer students across the university the opportunity to study a language alongside their specialism. The courses are also open to members of staff and members of the public.

How do the courses work?

You will find a full course description, together with details on assessment, on each individual course web page. Courses are normally taught three hours a week over a total of 23 weeks over two semesters (September to May) (click here for information on essential dates), but there is an increasing number of one-semester only courses available which last 12 weeks. The assessment consists of  a number of class tests taken over the course of the academic year. See individual course unit descriptions for details of these.

Please note, language courses are demanding and time-consuming and require regular study - on most courses you will need to devote 8-9 hrs/w, including the three hours a week of lessons.  We recommend that you do not enrol on a course if you think you will not have enough time, energy or commitment to devote to it.

Where are you based?

The LEAP office is located in room LG8.2, Samuel Alexander. This is building no.67 on the Campus Map. Our postal address is:

LEAP Office
Room LG8.2, Samuel Alexander building
University of Manchester
Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9PL

Please note, for information or enrolments regarding LEAP German, please contact angela.aspden@manchester.ac.uk, Room LG8.2, Samuel Alexander Building.


How much are the courses?

The fee for member of staff is £330.

Note that priority is given to credited students. You are strongly advised to send enrolment form and payment in order to try and guarantee a place. Priority is given to non-credited students by enrolment date, which is taken as the date payment is received.

Receipt of payment and confirmation of a place on the course will be by email.

All payments should be sent to the LEAP office.  Payments can be made by cheque, payable to 'The University of Manchester', or by debit/credit card either in person at the LEAP office or on the phone. It is also possible to pay via estore (instructions to be sent on receiving application form).

Important: As mentioned above, note that language courses are time-consuming and you are advised not to join a course if you do not have the time, energy or dedication they require.  

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How do I enrol?

You can download an enrolment form from our How to Apply page.

When can I apply and when do I have to pay?

Registration for courses is usually open from May until (and including) registration week. In order to avoid the long queues during Welcome Week, you are strongly advised to register before 12th September 2014. Registration then stops until Welcome Week, which starts 15th September 2014 in room S3.10 in the third floor, south wing of the in the Samuel Alexander building, number 67 on Campus Map  Monday to Thursday 10:00 to 13:00 and again 14:00 to 16:30. This will be conducted on a first-come first-served basis; therefore we strongly recommend you do not leave it too late.

Again, please note that after 12th September you can only enrol in person during registration week at our registration desk. You need to be ready to make a payment on enrolment

How do I pay for the course?

Our preferred form of payment is by cheque, made payable to 'The University of Manchester', to be sent to the LEAP office (see 'Where are you based?' above). You can also pay by credit/debit card in the LEAP office or on the phone. Note that we cannot accept Solo cards.

What is the composition of students on the courses likely to be?

Members of the staff will be attending the same courses as undergraduate/postgraduate students of the University of Manchester and members of the public. However, most undergraduate students are likely to attend the daytime courses. The courses were originally designed to provide language skills to non-specialists (i.e. those not taking language degrees) but it was later decided to open them up to the other category of students. We believe this will provide for a stimulating and challenging mix of students.

Should I buy the book(s) that appear on the course description?

We will indicate if the text book has been approved for the academic year on the main page for each language. If in doubt, it is better to wait until the course starts for confirmation. The tutor will have some material to get you started in week one.

What happens after I enrol?

Once we have received enrolment form and payment, the course unit will be added to your staff record in the system. You will receive instructions on what the university terms ‘academic registration’. This should take, hopefully, no more than 20 minutes to complete, and will give you access to the Blackboard site for the course(s) you have enrolled on (the course will appear as a CEPD module (Continuing Education & Professional Development), as a non-credit bearing unit).

Please note it is very important that academic registration is completed.

How do I get a refund?

Refunds are only made up to three weeks after the start of the course if it is a full-year course, and one week for one semester only courses and will incur an administrative charge of £35.00 in both instances. After this period, refunds are only available in exceptional circumstances, and upon receipt of documentary evidence (e.g. a serious medical condition). Note that, as explained above, being too busy with your main occupation will not constitute a valid reason.

Please apply, in writing, to:
Andrés Lozoya
Room LG8.2, Samuel Alexander building
University of Manchester
Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9PL

Or email leap@manchester.ac.uk


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Courses have already started. Can I still enrol?

We prefer all students to start courses in week 1, but exceptions may be made if places are still available.

What is your policy on attendance?

Members of staff attend the course as non-credit students. Attendances is not compulsory, but please note language courses work in such a way that, as the course progresses, the material covered in new lessons builds up and depends a great deal on having learned the material introduced in previous lessons. It is because of this that in order to be able to complete the course regular attendance is very important, particularly with regards to the assessment.

Do I have to take the assessment?

As non-credit students, members of staff do not have to take the assessment if they do not wish to, however you are strongly advised to do so. It will help a great deal for adequate progression, but also will entitle you to a certificate detailing your achievements. 

 Are there evening courses?

Yes, we aim to offer at least one group as a once-a-week only, evening course. Please check the online timetables (listed separately for each LEAP language).

Do you offer any intensive courses?

We currently a German intensive course in July. See here for further details

Do you run summer courses?

We currently a German summer course. See here for further details

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Do I get a certificate at the end?

Members of staff (as non-credit students) may request a certificate at the end of the year, if they so wish, but note that in order to qualify you must attend at least 75% of the course and must obtain a pass mark (40%) overall.

I have a complaint. What should I do?

This depends on the type and gravity of the complaint. As a general rule, it is best to talk to your tutor about your concerns first. If the problem is not solved, or if you would rather not discuss it with your tutor, you should contact the LEAP Director of Studies, John Morley, or the LEAP Administrator, Andrés Lozoya.

Further enquiries

Further enquiries should be made in the first instance to the LEAP Administrator in the University Language Centre (School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures), Andrés Lozoya.

 or (for LEAP German):



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