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Introduction to TESOL




The Introduction to TESOL units, in particular part 1 and 2, are designed primarily to provide basic training to  students in the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures who are planning to go on a year abroad as teaching assistants; they are also open to any student from any department across the university with an interest in language teaching. Note that they are not open to members of the public, members of staff or non-credit students.

Please also note that these are not equivalent to a fully accredited TESOL certification, such as the CertTESOL which is also offered by the University Language Centre. The latter is a fee-paying only course open to anyone from within and outside the university.

Introduction to TESOL is divided into four different units. Each one lasts one semester and entails a one-hour lecture and a two-hour workshop (for Parts 1 and 2). The workshop takes a maximum of 15 students, and is held every two weeks. In parts 3 and 4, it consists of a two-hour class limited to 15 students. 



PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to join a TESOL course unit you may select it from the student system provided you fulfil the pre-requisites; there is no need to complete an application form for these units. Also note that TESOL is not open to members of the public or members of staff, or non-credit students.