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The University of Manchester subscribes to Factiva, a database that provides access to websites in many different languages. University of Manchester staff and students can access this database by following the information on the Factiva - online newspapers page.

For other links to international newspaper sites see:

Links to some British newspaper websites are shown below.

What's New? Where? When? What? Why? Who?

These are Frequently Asked Questions in newspapers.

It is the job of a journalist to give the reader the answers, but how they provide these answers is usually different in each newspaper.

In the UK there are 12 national newspapers and they all report the news differently. However, they will all write about the main news story by using headlines and, quite often, photographs. These help the reader to understand the main idea of the story.

Try it out .....

Go to The Times newspaper for today.
What is the first story that you see?
How many of the questions can you answer?

Now go to The Express.
What is the first story in that newspaper?
Is it the same as The Times?
Can you answer the same questions?

Try this exercise again with The Independent.

Although each newspaper report will be different, the techniques newspapers use to show what is important are very similar. We know they use HEADLINES and pictures to help us understand the story, but they also use: Bold type; Headings/Sub-headings; Size of font; Indenting; Tables and diagrams; Bullet points; Underlining; Capital letters; Dropped capitals etc.

Newspapers contain a lot of interesting stories which can help to improve your English language skills, particularly with reading. You do not need to understand every single word in a text as long as you can get the main idea, and reading newspapers is an ideal way of developing these skills.

For more information on developing your readings skills go to Reading in a foreign language and 10 hints when reading in a foreign language.