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Online Diagnostic Test

The University Language Centre provides a diagnostic test which enables you to see if you would benefit from attending in-sessional classes in academic English.

You must have your University username and password in order to take this diagnostic test. You cannot pass or fail this test, so there is no requirement to prepare for it and you are advised to allow up to an hour to complete the online test.  

Registered students must complete this online diagnostic test in order to register for the University Language Centre's programme of in-sessional courses. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This diagnostic test is for post-registration students who have already met the minimum language requirements for admission to their Schools. It is used for internal diagnostic purposes only. Anyone applying for a place on a University degree or diploma programme should contact the School in question to check on minimum English language requirements. In this case, if an IELTS test is needed, go to our IELTS pages.

Online Diagnostic Test availability

Before accessing this test, please read the Frequently Asked Questions document thoroughly as it will provide some guidance on how to complete the test, how to access your results and so on.

*We strongly recommend that you use a computer in a Manchester University computer cluster. Also, using a personal iPad or other similar electronic device is likely to cause connection problems and may prevent you from viewing/completing the test properly.*

To access the online test please go to http://elpt.ulc.manchester.ac.uk/


In the meantime, if you have any enquiries about testing or academic support programmes in general, please email insessional@manchester.ac.uk or call the Academic Support Programmes Officer on 0161 275 3426.