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Developing your skills

Receptive skills (listening, reading)

Regular listening and reading in a foreign language can achieve the following:

To get the most out of Listening and Reading, look at the following hints:

Choose your reading material from books, magazines or the internet.
Choose your listening material from DVDs, videos and audio CDs in the Language Centre and from internet-delivered audio and video materials.
You will need to engage meaningfully with these materials so try the activity suggestions provided here:

Productive skills (speaking, writing)

Listening and Reading regularly can contribute to the development of your Speaking and Writing Skills.
You do, however, need to practise Speaking and Writing regularly as well, applying what you have learnt from your Listening and Reading in a conscious and active way.

1. Speaking

2. Writing

Underlying skills (vocabulary, grammar)

You need a wide range of vocabulary and sound grammatical knowledge in order to develop your Receptive and Productive Skills. Both of these areas need working on actively. It is also important to learn how to use a dictionary properly. We have provided some assistance for you in the following pages:


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